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'''My head is a poppy field in full bloom''


This is probably the shortest statement about me. I’m an artist who uses design tools to create new visual concepts with intense emotional connections between the work and the viewer.

My work is based on an innovative synthesis of graphics and animation aiming to develop new concepts for visual storytelling. Experimenting with frame by frame animation, stop-motion, origami inspired installations, as well as fashion design, and mural drawings as environments for theatrical performance. For all of my work, innovation is the impulse; visual concepts are the means to create images where the sparkle of dramatic exaggeration is a must . My works have an impulsive adventurous character.

Behind each drawing, each combination of line and color, shapes and the spaces between those shapes, unfinished surfaces and shadows, lies a profound admiration for theatre and dramatic performance. A love for mystery and the unknown inhabits a complex netting of ideas, melding into each other, as well as clashing against them.

I believe that each creative process is, in itself, a unique learning experience, a journey with endless possibilities for growth and self-realization .


Shushanik Droshakiryan


+31 (6) 15566154   |

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